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The people of Bhutan believe the phallus is a portent of good luck, acts as a protector from harm and aids fertility. Well known for "Gross National Happiness", the Bhutanese are incredibly gracious and happy.  Could they know something that we don't? Marc Domsky's book, Phallus Through Bhutan Journey of the Magic Thunderbolt, is a collection of 65 rare color photographs of phalluses from his two adventures through Bhutan. 


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Phallus Through Bhutan

cover 1.jpg
cover 1.jpg

Phallus Through Bhutan


Journey of the Magic Thunderbolt documents the artistic traditions of the Bhutanese who believe the phallus represents protection and subjugation while also acting as a way to promote fertility.  Unfortunately, the values of Western culture seemingly limit our ability to appreciate the beauty of this artistic tradition.  The 65 color photos in this book should evoke spontaneous emotional responses which will release you from your least temporarily!!

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